Compiling DiskCryptor

This article will aid you if you would like to compile DiskCryptor from
sources on your own. You may want to do that if you would like to make
changes to functionality of the program, or if you want to make some
fixes in the program yourself, or if you want to be in an absolute
control of your security and trust only the compiles of the programs you
use that you have made yourself. For the process you will need a number
of tools that you can get for free from their creators.

Compilation tools

  1. Windows Driver Kit (WDK).
    The latest version of WDK is offered on the Microsoft site, as well
    as previous releases (in an archive), you can use any of those.
    Install WDK, then create "DDK" environment variable, and point it to
    your WDK installation. In my case this is C:\WinDDK\6000\.
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio.
    When using Express Edition, after its install you will need to open
    "Tools ? Options", then go to Projects and Solutions ? VC++ Directories and add path (not required for the full version of
    Visual Studio):

    • $(DDK)\bin\x86 into Executable files;
    • $(DDK)\inc\mfc42 into Include Files.

  1. Flat Assembler (FASM).
    After its install you would need to set the "fasm" environment
    variable, and point it to the folder where FASM is installed.
  2. Yasm Modular Assembler
    would need to be placed in any folder that is included in the %path%
    environment variable.

Project compilation

  1. Open dcrypt.sln project file in Visual Studio and select required:
    • configuration (debug/release)
    • platform (Win32/x64)
  2. Do Build Solution.

The end result of compilation will be found in the folder that is
appropriate to the chosen configuration and platform.